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The seminary also asks for an official transcript, and your transcript must show that you maintained a GPA of 2.75 or higher. The review committee may admit those with a lower GPA but will require that those students complete a probationary period. The seminary asks for two letters of recommendation and requires that you provide one letter from a pastor or other religious leader and one letter from a college professor. As a counseling student, you will also need to attend an interview that takes place on campus. The interviewer will ask you questions about whether you have any counseling experience, how you will use your faith in the field and what you want to do with a counseling degree.

Tuition and Financial Aid

When you enroll in one of the graduate programs that ATS offers, you can expect to pay $630 per credit hour for most classes, which brings your total cost up to a little over $15,000 a year. The mental health and other counseling programs that the seminary offers cost $650 per credit hour. As a full-time counseling student, you'll pay a little over $14,000 a year because you take fewer classes. If you decide to do a directed study project or any type of independent research project, you'll need to pay $120 hour for each credit that you hope to earn through that project.

ATS gives out awards to incoming students who demonstrate more need and those who helped their community in the past. You'll want to fill out the scholarship application and submit a copy to the seminary. This application asks you how many courses you want to take each semester, what you want to study, how you will use your degree and for your contact information. The seminary has dozens of scholarships available for students who belong to the church and those enrolling in specific programs. You can also apply for government grants and loans as well as alternative student loans.

Psychology and Counseling Programs

Ashland Theological Seminary offers two graduate counseling degree programs and one certificate program. There is a Master of Arts in Counseling that is a cohort program. You must agree to start classes in the fall, and you'll then work with the same group of students as you complete the program. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and take 52 hours of work. You'll take four credits of religious heritage classes, 16 core counseling classes and both a practicum and internship. Classes include dimensions of healing, crisis counseling, spiritual themes in clinical counseling and marriage and family counseling. While the practicum and internship help you gain practical experience, you'll need to complete those requirements in Detroit because the program is only available on that campus.

Those who want to work in specialized centers and treatment facilities can enroll in the school's Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Though this is also a cohort program, the seminary lets you take classes on any of its Ohio campuses to earn your degree. You must receive a B or higher in each class to stay in the program. Some of the classes that you must take include group dynamics, lifestyle and career counseling and personality assessment. Ashland Theological Seminary also offers a certificate in Christian care and counseling that you can earn while working on your degree because the programs include some of the same classes.

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